Thursday, April 3, 2008

Xue Xi Zhong Wen Again

Once again, I totally neglected my blog. I don't even remember the last time I wrote something.

No, actually, I do. I did write about my feelings about Tibet, but since I'm scared the Chinese government would buy me a ticket back home and ban me, like they banned Bjork, therefore I didn't post it. Now it's all quiet on the 'western' front. Neither Chinese media, nor Western media are reporting, speculating or even mentioning Tibet. So I will go with the flow, and write about more important things.

So, my day...

No just kiddin... I don't think anything extraordinary has happened to me. Tomorrow we are free, whole 3 days, I was supposed to spend in Suzhou, but unfortunately, I will not. Either you do everything yourself, or you wait for others until the hotels are all booked...

There are good things about life though, still. I have to wait a couple days for my tailor made dresses, and I'm dying of excitement. You cannot get 3 items of clothing, especially made for you, for about £15 anywhere in England. China is cheap. That's one bright side of life.

The other is that they just opened the running track, which is totally awesome! Indescribable.

There is also the nature here, which I plan to photograph soon. It's still pretty cold, and the sun doesn't always shine but there are pretty green, pink and white trees everywhere. Flowers are slowly appearing as well, and I think this should be enough to keep me out of the room.

Unfortunately, there is a thing that keeps me inside... It's the so- called TING XIE, or in other words homework... Which I should start paying more attention to, having mid-terms starting in 2 weeks...

And those are the news from China. Today – no photos. ( I temporarily lost it)

So now I must start trying harder, working better, and making my dreams come true.

I solemnly swear I will take photos once again; I'll keep in good shape, I'll read a lot of Chinese newspapers, and read a lot of good books (which I'm doing anyway) :P

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